The Mexican Wolf Reintroduction Project
Understanding Diverse Viewpoints



The Issue at Hand

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mom and pup
The Mexican wolf (Canis lupus baileyi), otherwise known as the Lobo, is the smallest, most genetically distinct subspecies of the gray wolf. Historically, the Mexican wolf ranged throughout the oak woodlands, mountain forests, grasslands and scrublands of America's Southwest, in the states of Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas, and throughout Mexico. However, with the increases in cattle numbers in the Southwest in the late 1880's, conflicts between the lobo and cattle increased in frequency. This quickly prompted the USBS to creation a plan that called for the eradication of every single wolf throughout the United States. Under the bureau's Predatory Animal and Rodent Control Service (PARC), hunters were paid today's equivalent of $175 to either kill or capture a wolf. Wolves were killed using traps, which came in different shapes and sizes and were appropriately placed, anticipating a wolf's movement. Denning was another favorite hunting techniques, whereby hunters located active dens and killed the pups. Lastly, hunters also reduced wolf number dramatically through their use of the the poison strychnine. This method was actually one of the most efficient and cost effective, for it required less maintenance than a trap did. Also, using strychnine was much cheaper than sending out a hunter to kill three pups in a den, for one application of this chemical could potentially kill a dozen or more animals. In general, the eradication program was so successful that not only were over 900 wolves killed in a single 10 year span from 1915 to 1925, but, less than one hundred years later, every Mexican wolf within the United States was dead. Only about 25 remained in Mexico (Brown).

However, with the passing of the Endangered Species Act, steps were quickly taken to reestablish the Mexican wolf population and reintroducethe wolf back into the wild. The federal government, so implemental in the destruction of the Mexican wolf, now became one of the main proponents for its return to the Southwest. Using Mexican wolves acquired from Mexico, a captive breeding program was set up amongst 24 zoos and wildlife sanctuaries across the country. By 1996, the Final Environmental Impact Statement for the Mexican wolf reintroduction was completed and released to the public, signifying that the reintroduction program had officially begun ("Reintroduction," 1-1 - 1-5).

On March 29, 1998, about 25 years since they had been completely eradicated from the United States, and almost brought to extinction, 11 Mexican wolves were released within the primary recovery zone of the Apache National Forest in Arizona. Today, having been returned to their native habitat, about 25 of them are once again roaming free in the Southwest.

The Management Plan

The goal of the original plan, outlined in the Final Environmental Impact Statement, is to establish a wild population of 100 individuals by 2005 within a 5,000 square mile recovery area, while keeping 240 individuals in captivity to be used in maintaining genetic viability. Under Alternative A, the option that was adopted, the FWS designatedthe Blue Range Wolf Recovery Area (BRWRA) as that area which includes the Apache National Forest, AZ and Gila National Forest, NM (figure 1). The plan includes initial reintroduction of the Mexican wolf into the primary recovery zone of the Blue Range Wolf Recovery Area (figure 2) - the southwestern corner of BRWRA. The plan allows for up to 15 families to be released within the area, and for the dispersal of these wolves throughout BRWRA. The option has been left open for release of up to 5 families within the White Sands Wolf Recovery Area, located east of BRWRA. The White Sands Recovery Area, NM includes the White Sands Missle Range, the White Sands National Monument, the San Andres National Wildlife Refuge and small portions of surrounding federal lands ("Reintroduction," 2-5 - 2-7).


primary recovery area

Currently, the Mexican wolf is designated as nonessential experimental, since the population currently in the wild is not essential to the genetic viability of the species. This designation has allowed the USFWS to have a more active management scheme, as opposed to the management scheme adopted in the case of the endangered Red Wolf in North Carolina. The red wolf is given more freedom to disperse, and currently can be found with