The Mexican Wolf Reintroduction Project
Understanding Diverse Viewpoints

Standing Wolf

Final Statement

The orginal intent of this research project was simply to learn about the Mexican wolf. However, the more information I obtained about this animal, the more I realized that it would be impossible to study the Mexican wolf without simultaneously studying the human aspects that have so profoundly influenced the last 200 years of its history.

Unfortunately, due to its infamy, the Mexican wolf was seen as worthy only of death through various means, and not of study as an intruiging and intelligent animal. Very little biological information is avilable regarding its behaviors and living habits. Most of this information is being gathered as we speak, by the Federal and Arizona and New Mexico state governments in an effort to most effectively manage these animals.

The development and success of the reintroduction program thoroughly depends on the cooperation of the various stakeholders. Cooperation can only be achieved through the informed understanding of the opposing party's position. In 2001, during the Mexican Wolf Reintroduction Program Three-Year Review Workshop, several workgroups recommended that the USFWS increase communication and information exchange amongst the different stakeholders. Taking this advice to heart, I took it upon myself to create this webpage in hopes that this will inform the different groups of each others' views, will dispell preconceptions and lead to more cooperation.

Originally, my intent was to include the Apache tribes in Viewpoints, my assessment of the main stakeholders. Unfortunately, due to lack of time and difficulties with accessing information on the subject, I did not include the Apache tribes within that section. I will update the site as soon as that information becomes available to me.

In general, this site will be under construction as long as controversy brews regarding the Mexican wolf reintroduction project. Thus, any new information that could potentially lead toward reconscilation is always welcome.

Author: Yekaterina Gluzberg

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Updated: 14 May 2002